My Truth Is My Truth My Light Is My Light

Sep 04, 2021

~By L. Marie~

I'm a student of life. I've had many experiences and wish to share some of my thoughts and stories as an outlet for healing, not only for myself but for those who seek understanding and healing as well. Sometimes healing comes from having a voice to speak your truth. Not speaking the truth will not lead to true happiness. How could living a lie satisfy your spirit? How could you truly love yourself in denial of self? If you are dishonest with others you are dishonest with the true self...the divine self!

In life we go through many changes! We struggle to fit into what society teaches us to be. Our parents, teachers, religion and life experiences help to form our way of thinking. For most of us we deny who we truly are inside because of our teachings and beliefs but, we rarely give ourselves permission to live our truth and decide for ourselves what our beliefs are. Our beliefs have already been installed in us from the time we come into this world of what's right or wrong and what should or shouldn't be. Our innocence have been tainted by what others have shown us. Yes, to some extent we believe what we want however, the programming has already taken place before we even knew we had a choice. Some of us grow up without the love of our parents. Some of us have love of our parents but are afraid to be ourselves because we want to please them. We come from many backgrounds. Most times our religion stop us from being ourselves and enjoying the life we have because it's forbidding. Things we want and love may be considered as bad leaving us unfulfilled in life. Trauma from things that happened can also inject fear into our mind making it difficult to move forward.          

How do we heal from all of these things that hurt us?  Are we willing to make the necessary changes in life? Are we willing to try something new? Are we to trust in ourselves and live life according to our needs without the concerns of what others think? When can we be true to ourselves? Is it okay to give ourselves credit for the work and accomplishments we make?

A lot of times we give our credit away (partly because we are taught to give it to someone else) as if we didn't put in the work and prayers to make something happen. It's okay to give thanks and show appreciation to others or a higher power but, don't forget that you set your intentions and efforts to create whatever it is you wanted and needed. Be proud of yourself and know that it's okay to love and care for yourself and give yourself credit. The best credit, love and attention is from yourself. If you can love yourself to the fullest, the pieces will fall into place because you will always do what's best for you. We are all learning together including myself. It's not always easy but I'm learning as I go and will probably make slip-ups at times and that's okay... we never truly stop growing!

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